HIV - why women?

idea by somalee.banerjee
HIV - why women?

What inspires you to take part in this challenge?


I'm a medical student who also happens to have studied art and I feel that infographics can be a basic tenet of health literacy and awareness - no matter what your education level is. This challenge is the perfect combination - a melding of the social structures affecting disease and education.

In what way is your idea innovative?

My idea takes the tenets of disease and explains the structural drivers in a social format. The HIV virus forms the focal point of the image with the structural drivers display in a global context.

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Submission Began
Tuesday, June 26

Submission Ended
Thursday, July 26
at 12:00 PM PDT

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Thursday, July 26

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Thursday, August 09
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Structural Layers
Structural Layers

Winner Announced
Monday, August 13

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