Stop the Spread, Spread the Word on HIV

idea by shanepatrickjones
Stop the Spread, Spread the Word on HIV

What inspires you to take part in this challenge?


Coming from the land of opportunity we take for granted many things. While HIV is apparent across the globe, we strive to finally take action and accountability for the problem. It's our hope to help women in developing countries reach their full potential by promoting global awareness.

In what way is your idea innovative?

Through an interactive IG, we nurture engagement along the way. The design appeals to the target age and the imagery is symbolic of the spread of HIV. As knowledge spreads HIV is eventually contained.

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Personally, while this is eye-catching, I don't think it's sensitive at all to the issue--comparing the spreading of HIV to the spread of preservatives kind of makes me offended. And the use of facts here is poorly executed--women comprise 50% of people living with HIV? That means they're equally represented with the other 50% being men.

by kcleggs
over 3 years ago | Reply

Hey All! You can see a little bit more of our ideas here: http://webpagefx.org/infographics/HIVinfographic.jpg

The idea is that as you scroll down there will be animations that follow the "spreads" (symbolic for HIV) and relay facts and statistics that will inspire and shock it's readers. With this infographic, the reader will be required to scroll through, and "interact" and engage with the infographic to learn more. We will provide stimulants throughout the design that entices readers to scroll and click. As the HIV spreads down and more knowledge is gained, the spreads will be contained within the jars. This will act as a metaphor to illustrate that the HIV has been contained with knowledge.

by shanepatrickjones
over 3 years ago | Reply

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